Cigars can make any party even more enjoyable. Come to The Oak Lounge or have The Oak Lounge come to you!


Reserve the lounge for private party or meetingThe Oak Lounge is a great place to host your private event or meeting. Take advantage of our private atmosphere, central location, professional service and a great choice of drinks and cigars. You can reserve the lounge for a business meeting or a private party, for an hour or a whole evening. If you are interested in learning more about cigars and cigar smoking, we will arrange a cigar training for your group as part of the event. Please call us at (+371) 6733 8787 to set up your private event or to get more information.


La Casa del Habano table at ABLV Bank party If you are organizing an event and want to make it even better by offering your guests premium cigars, The Oak Lounge is the place to come to! We will help you choose the best cigars for your party and, in case of a larger event, offer full service at the event venue. That means, one of our great staff will come to your event to set up a cigar table with all the accessories like ashtrays, lighters, cutters and to serve your guests during the evening, telling them about the cigars and making sure everybody can light up and enjoy.

Please call us at (+371) 6733 8787 to find out more.


The team behind The Oak Lounge is also bringing you the annual Riga Whisky Festival. We believe Riga needs and deserves a quality event where people can come together to enjoy whisky, cigars, food and great company. This year’s event on May 22-24, 2015 was a great success with incredible amount of premium whiskies and cigars consumed by a lot of happy people. We cannot wait for the next edition! Please visit the Riga Whisky Festival website for more information and join RWF on Facebook to make sure you’ll be updated about our future events.

Riga Whisky Festival 2015:

Riga Whisky & Cigar Festival 2014:

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