Sit back and enjoy a nice drink or a cigar in The Oak Lounge’s bar and smoking lounge. It’s a great place for meeting with a business partner during the day, relaxing after work or having drinks before or after dinner. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere with good drinks, good music and good company make it the perfect place to enjoy your cigar. We are especially proud of our whisky selection and our staff is always happy to recommend a new whisky to try. Of course, there are cocktails and champagne for the ladies as well.

Our bar seats 30 people and, even though we love cigars, there’s also a non-smoking section. To reserve a table, please call us at (+371) 6733 8787. If you are interested in reserving the whole lounge for a private meeting or party, please find more information under „Events“.

Please fill in your e-mail below if you want to receive our once-a-month newsletter about The Oak Lounge events and promotions. We promise to use it sparingly!


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